BERNASKONI “MATREX ” 15th International Venice Biennale of Architecture

On the invitation of Alejandro Aravena, the BERNASKONI bureau presents the MATREX installation as part of the main exhibition project of the Biennale. 

The MATREX is the main public building at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, designed by BERNASKONI in a consortium with leading world specialists. MATREX unites everything that is contemporary in science, business and art. It is at once a hybrid of several urban functions, housing start-up offices, an official residence, a transformer hall, museum spiral, and the city café that doubles as Skolkovo’s viewing platform. Inside this pyramid there is an open space in the form of a Russian matryoshka doll. 

BERNASKONI is an interdisciplinary firm, working at the intersection of architecture with industrial design and art. The bureau works with objects of any scale — designing and realising urban planning concepts, public buildings, country houses and interiors.

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