About us

directorsMcGregor Wright Services is a Venice-based team of arts professionals that offer a full range of exhibition support services to artists and participants of the Venice Biennale and the surrounding collateral events.

We can help bridge any skill gap that exists in your workforce and provide a team of seasoned professionals that can utilize their knowledge and awareness to successfully deliver your project in Venice. Put simply we know how, what, when and where to do things and we are complemented by a network of reliable and certified contractors to integrate into the team as required. When working with  McGregor Wright Services, we have the flexibility to assist you in any way that you need, in fact there is not much we cannot do.

With years of exhibition delivery experience behind us and a proven history with various Biennial projects, we believe we are more than qualified to offer you the kind of support that you need. Our aim is to ensure that you have someone with the best interests of the project at heart that you can trust and that is fully committed for the entire duration. We will work in a way that respects the confidentiality of the project and all of its participants and treat any information that is entrusted to us with the utmost discretion. If there are any issues we will resolve them as quickly as possible and communicate with you directly to receive your advice on the preferred course of action.

We hope that through honesty, integrity and trust we become your preferred choice of project partner. Our promise is that we will give 100% commitment to your project because we will strive to not only meet our goals, but to exceed your expectations.