Advertising & Printing


We can provide professional low cost printing services here in Venice that will save you time, shipping costs and provide you with a quick turn around if you have to do a reprint at any time. We can take care of obtaining the necessary permits and work with the Venetian and Biennale authorities to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to signage placement.

Catalogue printing, Publications, flyers | Graphic printing for banners, floor stickers, totems, signage including installation | Obtaining permits | Work with Venetian and Biennale authorities for permission on graphics, signage and locations |T-Shirts, tote bags, souvenirs and promotional material | Fast and efficient delivery to you venue or requested location.

Marketing and advertising are a fundamental requirement when you are competing with other pavilions for the attention of tourists and visitors. There are also very strict rules and guidelines on placing anything on the external facades of buildings or on footpaths and these require a special permit.

We can work through the consent process on your behalf and develop a strategy to target the high foot traffic areas with a carefully placed advertising campaign that meets all the rules and regulations.

Assistance with consent and approval process |Printing of fliers and mail outs |Signage  placement and installation | Pamphlet and catalogue distribution