We have both worked as attendants before so we know exactly what is required to do the job effectively in order to ensure that the works are protected, your visitors engaged, that the artworks and artists intentions are explained and that they enjoy a positive customer service experience.

We can also provide your staff with additional support and training to teach them the invigilation skills and techniques that they will need to be effective in their role. We can translate all our oral instructions into a procedural manual so that there are clear instructions. This way there is no confusion about what is expected and ensures a high level of consistency and professionalism across the team. If you find yourself short and need additional staff we can provide casual attendants on a temporary basis as and when required

Provide support and training to the exhibition and front of house staff,  Personnel management, Development of staff rosters, break times, rotations, Opening closing procedures, daily check lists, standard greetings, Supervision of attendants, Daily visitor tally sheets, Provision of temporary staff / attendants, Emergency fill in positions, Procedural  manuals, Mediation

Capturing feedback on the popularity of your show; the friendliness, knowledge and ability of staff and their overall experience at your pavilion is a core benchmarking tool to gauge the success of a project. There are a variety of ways to do this and we can prepare and undertake the surveying of your visitors by either using touchpad technology or written / verbal surveys. This information will then be compiled and collated with the results sent back to you on a regular basis either verbally or electronically.

Conducting visitor surveys | Template  development | Random audits on venue | Marketing  support  and compiling media coverage |Database compilation of visitor contact details

Thinking about tours?

We provide informative and educational talks, whether it’s to a private institution, patrons, sponsors or simply a school wanting to see the wonders of the Venice Biennale. We can work together to form programmes that suit your timeframe and needs.